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I'm a musician and composer.  I began watching anime (mainly Slice-of-Life genres at first) to improve my Japanese language listening skills.  Today, I watch it for the sake of finding good stories with undenyably impressive plot twists.  (I love plot twists in anime.)

I'm not as much into manga, admittedly.  But every now and then I'll read one, especially if it has a unique storyline.

I stay away frem Ecchi and other anime based on sexually oriented content, it's just not for me.  I'm much more into the deep mystey, great adveture, impossible challenge, the soul search, finding and fighting for that real love, stuff like that.

If you happen to add me to your Friends' List, please send me a private msg. letting me know what caused you to wanna send it - to me, it's like getting to know you (being fomally "introduced").  I appreciate it.  *^_^*

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VictorJacon Jul 10, 2014

Yeah i'm back, ahahahaha v boss ::: <333 *--*

You can call me whatever you want. If you want a tip, here on brazil we have a habit of calling each other by the first two letters of the name, if you want. It would be : "Vi"

Or anything else you like.

Yeah, same as me, my nose itches too. ><

Here its the same too, when someone's get a cold, everyone else in the house gets it too. I guess you should go to anime events, or any near school who teaches japanese, and try to make some friends there.

And you will make some really good friends , that may even enjoy anime <3

Its right, when i had my band i used to sing songs just to not forget them too. It's a really good habit, even when i have tests, that's how i study, people might think i'm crazy, singing about history, math, and stuff like that ahaha

Woah, i've just googled chicken pox, and it means "catapora" on my language.

It's a common disease that everyone who lives here gets one time and nevermore it appears again.

I love stories, if you don't mind it, tell me <33

When you finish up your song, send me, i want to hear you!

Speak Soon <3

 Also, take a look at this lyrics:

When she sings: "Even if i'm alone, i will go, even if its difficult, i will definitely bring, the dream i had with you, i'm glad it was with you, and nobody else. But when i woke up in the morning, you weren't there" OMGGG <3333

VictorJacon Jul 9, 2014

Heey Aurura!

Yeah i wiki everything!

Don't know what i was going to do without internet, i would turn into a sage, and live inside a library ahahaha just kidding.

Thanks ^-^ I've found that pic here on my computer and decided to upload here!

Yeah i have, my best friend is learning japanese too! I'm damn lucky <3 ahaha

Sorry for the late answer, i work with sales, so when any event happens, i need to travel and stuff like that.

But now i'm back!

How are you doing? Having a good week?

Talk soon <3

Esper26 Jun 30, 2014

Hi, what up?

VictorJacon Jun 28, 2014

Ahh, the kanas are just beautiful, makes me wanna learn just because this symbols are more a drawing than a writing in my opinion :3

Aah, that last advice i will use from now on, it seems very good !

Naah, i would love if you could do this one day, and i would read with patience every single line, well one thing about me, i love to hear, and read about things that i don't know a lot about, or just histories of people's life's.

Talk Soon <3

cronus7 Jun 28, 2014


I think its been a while... but wassup?

You dont happen to watch that new 'Looney Tunes Show' do ya? turns out its actually pretty good...

Billy west AND kristen wiig are on it...