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I'm a musician and composer.  I began watching anime (mainly Slice-of-Life genres at first) to improve my Japanese language listening skills.  Today, I watch it for the sake of finding good stories with undenyably impressive plot twists.  (I love plot twists in anime.)

I'm not as much into manga, admittedly.  But every now and then I'll read one, especially if it has a unique storyline.

I stay away frem Ecchi and other anime based on sexually oriented content, it's just not for me.  I'm much more into the deep mystey, great adveture, impossible challenge, the soul search, finding and fighting for that real love, stuff like that.

If you happen to add me to your Friends' List, please send me a private msg. letting me know what caused you to wanna send it - to me, it's like getting to know you (being fomally "introduced").  I appreciate it.  *^_^*

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NeiniAurora3500 Dec 10, 2011

Angela is my fav. Cool that you're using her as well. My Angela is AuroraZ if you see me online. Haven't been on as much lately but I would be happy to help you gain exp and cool weapons/armor quickly. I'm on west because I thought that was basically the North American server.

If you have a steam account it will be easier to talk. Mine is Neini Aurora. Similar to my name here.

NeiniAurora3500 Dec 10, 2011

Awesome! How do you like it so far?

Which character are you using? and what server? Angela is my main. We should play together at some point. What do u say...?

Depending on your fighting style if you prefer long range gun shooting. Natasha would be your pick. If you enjoy using magic for most of your attacks then Angela. You enjoy brawling hand to hand Tude would be your pick. If both magic and melee suit your fancy then go with Frantz. You'll probally get used to it soon. by level 10 it will be no problem.

NeiniAurora3500 Dec 8, 2011

Good evening Aurura-san :D

Yes I do game. Its my other main hobby besides watching anime. Recently that's also becoming one of my favorite generes. Rusty Hearts is the main MNORPG I'm playing now. It has animeish graphics which is a win!

Awhile ago I was part of a Nintendo gaming Clan and was really into the Metroid series. And I made a walkthrough about a game from that series. It hasn't been finished thou. I don't really use youtube as much now thou.

Checked out your channel as well. Friended and subbed :) Those are cool videos.

Its good to hear that. Now that I think about it I think I just had so many other anime marked as stalled as well so I had to drop a few. Stories in stories give a lot of depth and character. I forget when I dropped it but I think I wasn't in the right of mind. Though I'd still like to return and finish it because it is entertaining. I'll mark it as stalled for now. Thank you ^_^

There have been a few animes where I've seen both subbed and dubbed versions or part of either. I saw Code Geass Dubbed and when I listened to the Japanese voice actors their voices weren't as good in my opinion. With Claymore I saw both the dubbed and subbed version but I prefered the sub. As long as the voices fit then dubs are alright. Though it seems hard for the english voice actors to do it well.

NeiniAurora3500 Dec 7, 2011

Well then :D Raw!!!! Rawwwww!

Yeah thats kinda what I meant lol. Should I decide to play it I will come to you for advice. A game is easier if someone can tell you how to play it right off the bat :)

When it comes to introducing myself to random people (or seeing people I know as well) I'm not exactly outgoing... Normally I'm also pretty quiet except when online. Here I'm more comfortable talking since we all share a common love of anime on this site. Thou it can still be difficult.

It looks like you're almost done with Trigun only 5 episodes left. Do you like it?

Trigun was an ok anime. It wasn't a bad anime by any means but it didn't seem to fit my tastes for what I need from anime. Vash was a funny character as well. Though I couldn't completely connect with his character as much which is possibly why. If I'm ever in the mood though I could return to finish it.

Generally I prefer more serious animes that aren't centered around comedy and good vs. evil. If comedy is in the background then it works well it seems like. Though shows like Fruits Basket and Clannad have been able to balance funny with serious pretty well.

I almost always watch subbed versions if given the choice. Generally Japanese voice actors sound better and give better life to the characters in subbed versions. Plus its possible to learn several Japanese words after watching anime like this for so long. I prefer reading while listening as well since it helps me understand the situation better. I turn on subtitles in video games even if its in english so I know whats being said.

So do you prefer subs or dubs?

NeiniAurora3500 Dec 6, 2011

Sounds like fun. Getting ready for Christmas? So what's first life? 

That is the thing about anime. I think that we think we'll love or hate an anime depending on its plot but its really about the characters. If you love the characters you'll stick through the story no matter what. The setting and characters were what got me interested in the show I think. It was a pretty orginal setting which you don't really see as much nowadays.

Angel is the best character in the show! Without her there wouldn't have been much.

Yes!!! I'm glad I'm not the only person confused by Tachi-Chan's explaination at the last episode! I thought it was because he was the 1st one among the group to be nice to her. Then I read what it meant. Its because Otonashi listed himself as a donor when he died and Tachi-Chan got his heart which she needed. She still died as well thou. Wait now I'm confused again. If he died and was directly sent to the next world and his heart was given to Tachi who was already there. how is that possible? 

PLOT HOLE!!! lol

I think most people who've seen my page have seen Angel Beats as well. Not sure though. I got a lot of influence from the people on this one fansite on which animes to watch. Its actually because of these friends that I heard about and saw Clannad, Angel Beats, and other animes.