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I'm a musician and composer.  I began watching anime (mainly Slice-of-Life genres at first) to improve my Japanese language listening skills.  Today, I watch it for the sake of finding good stories with undenyably impressive plot twists.  (I love plot twists in anime.)

I'm not as much into manga, admittedly.  But every now and then I'll read one, especially if it has a unique storyline.

I stay away frem Ecchi and other anime based on sexually oriented content, it's just not for me.  I'm much more into the deep mystey, great adveture, impossible challenge, the soul search, finding and fighting for that real love, stuff like that.

If you happen to add me to your Friends' List, please send me a private msg. letting me know what caused you to wanna send it - to me, it's like getting to know you (being fomally "introduced").  I appreciate it.  *^_^*

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Brightstone Jul 14, 2014

Hi! Well to start off, I hope I'm a cheery person. I try to be.

Anyway, yes tsuyokiss cool sweet looks very intresting. I want to try it. But would you mind telling me a little about it. I can't find a summary...

And no, I haven't seen Noragami, but it is on my 'Want to watch' list. I'll try it soon.

Talk later!

Brightstone Jul 13, 2014

Hi! Thank you for talking to me, and getting to know me. I do love Fruits Basket and Momiji is my favorite character (pluse I have a crush on him)! So of corse I had to put the song in there.

I'm glad your using it for your daughter, that's so sweet! And yes, teaching it early on is the best way!

So tell me a little more about your self! Lets be friends!

Talk soon! :D

P.S- Sorry for the late reply, haven't been on recently.

VictorJacon Jul 10, 2014

I will watch anohana right now, i'm needing more tear dropping anime on that week, and everyone said its one of the most tear dropping anime ever. So i will watch it xD

I'm watching fairy tail too, and baka to test.

Tomorrow i will be out selling perfumes, so i may take some longer to answer, but i will, promise. xD

Sorry for that double posting. 

Speak soon² <33

VictorJacon Jul 10, 2014

Heey, i just loved to read all of that. 

I'm planning to do the same as you, but in youtube. Just for fun.

Maybe playing at weekends on some pubs for extra money too, that's really common here. Musicians playing at pubs, and stuff like that.

I understand you. I'm still very young though, so i decided to put my real age xD

I wouldn't mind if you were even 80 years old, but some people may care, so you did it right. Smart. <3

That happens a lot here. My friend got the chicken pox too, and he was 16. When i were younger all my friends got chicken pox together. All of them. 

I have a scar at the outer side of my left eye because i was scratching it to much too.

You're so interest. Congratulations about that. I don't even know how to mix all of those audios, and recordings, so i just put my celphone, record everything, and upload to youtube.

So, i will wait until you upload your songs on soundcloud. 

Speak Soon <3

VictorJacon Jul 10, 2014

It was just announced, that it will have a anime event in my town, do you have any simple cosplay in mind, that you think i could perform?

Sorry for that double posting c: