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Back in the Slump


...really, it starts to get a bit tiresome, repeatedly ending up in the same place for several years.

I could be wrong (it'd be great if I am), but the majority of new animes that have been released to the rest of the world over the past year have been based on one of 2 genre branches: horror and breasts&undies.

I can't even place a specific genre on the second one, so many fall under it, doesn't even have to be hentai or ecchi anymore.  Or even Harem, for that matter...

I really miss drama anime.  I'm sick of school settings, too... I used to love them, but now it's been so overused ad nauseum that I've begun to automatically walk away from the 1st ep of any series as soon I see that large clock and hear the school bells ring...  I don't really  understand why these kinds of themes are so emphasized in Japan right now, and I'd like to understand better, really, but I truly miss the simplicity of Slice-of-Life --  that is, more TRUE to life - anime.  I also miss epic saga - type fiction like Code Geass or ONe Piece or something.  I do love to explore and find new things (even if those new things are from the 80s or earlier!), but I fear that I'm running out of things to find...

I don't rant often, but I've hit this brick wall too often now, and it's frustrating, y'all.  I just watched Trigun not too long ago, and really enjoyed it.  That was, at least, a story.  And it was great getting to know the individual characters, although the series was fairly short.  But now the search for the next good anime stories is like dry, parched land - so hard to find.

If you check out my anime list,  you'll see that though I haven't watched *everything* there ever was, I've seen quite a good number of the best there are.  I really hate to feel that that's "all" there is at this point.  And if you have some anime suggestions, I welcome them gratefuly.

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NeiniAurora3500 avatar NeiniAurora3500
Jan 6, 2012

Hi Aurura! It's been awhile.

Now that you mention it. It does seem like most of the newly released anime is horror-related. Haven't heard much about the ecchi but that's because I don't watch that genere.

Animes taking place in school are getting overused! yes! The good thing about anime is the ability to escape from that type of setting. What's the point if it reminds you of your own daily life?

From your list it looks like you've seen a good amount of anime. Bigger than my list. I don't know what sounds really good now honestly lol. If I think of something you may like I'll recommend it. For the most part its more fun watching anime already out instead of new anime. 

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