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Dry, Dry...

29 APR

Well, I'm still watching anime, but mostly oldie-but-goodies....  I keep swinging by one anime site that regularly brings in the latest new anime available to watch, only to find that it's slim pickins when it comes to which are truly *worth* watching.

I know that I'm a Stickler.  I'm such a Stickler...

But it's how I'm built, I can't help it :P  The up-side is, I'm able to really appreciate some of the older (I'm talking 80s older) anime that's still around.  Surprisingly so, too...

Anyway!  Just wanted to add a new entry, briefly post what's been up with me lately.  I miss my buddies here, and I hope that you all are doing good!  Gimme a hollar!  *^_^*


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