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Love/Hate on the Positive Osmosis

27 JUL

2 things. It's interesting how every now and again I cand -still- find anime that I've watched before but haven't listed here yet.  One of thos... read more

MLP in Japanese Dub!!

12 JUL

Okay, yes.  I have.   I watched 'My Little Pony' and loved it. (*waits patiently as the haters stand to walk out of the blog... ... read more

Old Surprises

29 MAY

Just felt like mentioning today how interesting it can be to go back over my list of animes that I've "Dropped" and taking a second look at... read more

E~?! It's already been a year??

14 SEP

Well, shlap-mah-face 'n cahwl-me-Nelleh, I was surprised when I saw the 1-Year Badge pop up on my screen!  "Yaaay, this calls for a blog po... read more

Dry, Dry...

29 APR

Well, I'm still watching anime, but mostly oldie-but-goodies....  I keep swinging by one anime site that regularly brings in the latest new anim... read more