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Love/Hate on the Positive Osmosis

27 JUL

2 things.

It's interesting how every now and again I cand -still- find anime that I've watched before but haven't listed here yet.  One of those is Toradora, which I am currently catching up on.

Toradora was an anime that, back when I was first watching, I dropped after so many eps due to my near-nonexsitstent interest of the story at the time.  I guess my mind just wasn't in the mood for watching a romance, or a story based on the adorableness of a character in unusual circumstances who was doted on by all simple because she was petite with an attitude.  (this is how I saw it at the time.)  This time around, I'm watching the whole story with all characters' angles and history, and I think I'll see it through this time.

BUT!!  The title of this blog post rests its view on POSITIVE OSMOSIS.  Not bad influence but good influence, the kind that make me feel so rewarded at the end but also feels like a mental arm-twisting-behind-my-back until I carry thie influece out myself!  Example!:


Oh wow, look, he went to her apartment to find her...  woah, what a mess! ... what?  he's gonna clean all that?!  Look how unflinching and enthusiastic he is about it.  I admire that... I wish I were that go-get'em about my cleaning.  I have a big mess in (location of  house here) that needs cleaning... I really should just get it overwith... yeah... (*pauses episode and gets up to go clean*... *comes back, presses 'Play') Oh wow.   That food looks good.  Wish I could taste some'a that...  hey, I have a few of those ingredients right now.. all i need are (name of ingredients), and I could do it....  yeah... (*pauses and makes the desired dish*)...


etc. etc.

Maybe not everyone is like this, but I -am-.  I find that I love being driven to get stuff accomplished but HATE  how often it can happen when I watch animes like this! 

...so  yeah, I end up exhausted... but my house is all the happier, and my family luvs me... 

.........................*slumps over and conks out*

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SpiritDragon avatar SpiritDragon
Jul 29, 2013

While I'm not THAT extreme, it also happens to me in a slightly different manner.

I'm a person who really needs motivation/a drive to do something and sometimes I watch a video about a game/a activity that REALLY makes me want to go and do something (motivation boost +1000) and mostly I do it.

I can say that Major, on of my top anime all time, really gives me that effect whenever I watch it. Most people say that is boring but for me it's a huge boost and shows me that you "just" have to always give your best and not give up and you will succeed with what you want.

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