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E~?! It's already been a year??

14 SEP

Well, shlap-mah-face 'n cahwl-me-Nelleh, I was surprised when I saw the 1-Year Badge pop up on my screen!  "Yaaay, this calls for a blog post!"  said my brain.

So here it is.  I've been playing GW2 (Guild Wars 2) lately, trudging through Steins Gate and barely clicking the button to view the next ep of Binbougami ga! and Natsuyuki Rendezvous.  *All three* of these animes have been very hard to watch, for their own reasons.  For someone new to anime and rearin' to watch'em all ('Po-ke-mon!!'  ... *e-hem*)  These may be the highlight of someone's day.  For a seasoned anime watcher Gal like myself, however, it's a bit grueling due to a few of the story delivery concepts and such... I'm considering writing a review on each, but I'm not sure yet if I wanna put that much time into explaining in such detail why they were such an effort to keep watching.

But, seeing as fewer and fewer new animes are worth the time, these were some of the few that came out on the top of my list.  I promise I'm not always gonna be a bitter, burned-out anime lover, but lack of a quality storyline and in-depth individual character developement in anime has made for some pretty slim pickin's.  (wow.. I've used that term pretty often in this blog.  'slim pickins'.  hmph.)

But a true anime lover I am, so I won't give up the search!  As always, please drop me a line if you find a new anime (or an old one not already on my list) that rocks yer socks off and think it's worth giving a try!


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