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Cider Jul 11, 2012

Paying money, shammmme on youuuuuuu.

The reason I'm hesitant on Tari Tari is really just the fact that it feels incredibly generic.

A real bodyswap situation would have all dat fondling and then roil into everyone hating each other imo imo.

Uta Koi's just a bunch of short things based on dem poems, so who knows how it'll turn out. It seems fairly simple for the most part. 

Finished Katanagatari and really have no opinion to even put down a rating. I guess I'll have to rewatch it some time a few months from now or something, *shrug*.

I also started watching Fate/Zero. However, due to the massive fragmentation of my laptop, haven't been able to watch the 1080p FLAC (FLAC is the important part here, since I can only see 720p). I'm attempting to defrag it via various means without the ability to do a full defrag (need a CD to run it from). Might end up just having to attempt to transfer files that I just temporarily moved to my external HD slowly back again and place Fate/Zero in a big unfragmented area :P

As a side note, too lazy to google translate the stuff you put in at end.

Cider Jul 9, 2012

Eto neee (I think that's how you spell it)... Lessee, the one's I'm fairly sure I'll watch in full are Sword Art Online, Kokoro Connect, and Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita. Will need to wait before fully deciding on Tari Tari, Uta Koi, and Arcana Famiglia (this one most likely to be dropped). I'm also watching Princess Tutu cus of the review on this site of it, and it seems to have potential to be as good as claimed. We shall see. I also finished Katanagatari, but I have absolutely no idea on how I feel about it. I think I'll need to rewatch it in the future before I can rate it >.>

I really hope the evil dude (for I totally approve of his actions) in Sword Art Online wins, and I can already tell the main character's probably going to be super emo or unsocial or whatever you want to call it. Kokoro Connect could have potential, but it's also something that could be easily screwed up and suck. Jinrui is just ridiculous and hilarious. If you haven't already, I suggest you look up a youtube video for Jinrui bread scene to get an idea of what type of series it is.

What about you, ol' chap.

Cider Jul 8, 2012

I think the new ending for Hyouka is one of my favorite endings.

Cider Jul 7, 2012

Ya, I have a feeling rating it will be difficult for me at the end. Really pissed off at episode 6, cus the narrator was all, "NEXT EPISODE HE KILLS HER YO," and I was about to go to sleep. So here I am at almost 5 am.

By the way, xxxHolic's anime form, though it seems like it ends up getting through most of the manga itself with the OVAs and such, leaves out a very major aspect concerning how Clamp actually had it and TRC directly connected. It's basically the basis for the entire plot and why Yuuko is doing what she's doing for him. I'm holding reservation for now to see what they do end up doing, though. Still. READ MANGOS. Or at least TRC (xxxHolic optional).

Cider Jul 6, 2012

Started watching Katanagatari. Holy shit that sister.