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どぞよろしく ^^

How do you do I'm Laura,

nice to meet you ^^

As far as interests go I am teaching myself Japanese -_- its so very challenging!

But I will get there! Wish me luck! I hope to go to classes in the future but I am due to Start University in January 2008 and this university does not do Japanese languages. I hope to take a year out of university before my final year so I can go to Japan and study Japanese for six months or maybe a year. I hope so very much I can do it!

Hobbies anyone? Hum... I would say my hobbies are, Kendo, reading, piano, flute and writing, though I also do writing as a career at the moment, but due to leaving for university I will be resigning. Balancing a very busy writing schedule with a busy university schedule is not something I would imagine to be... fun...

Work wise I said earlier I was a writer, what I do exactly is write for a magazine, I review writers, analyse writing, compare writing and write book reviews. I love writing and hope to either go into writing or become a teacher in my future. I have to go university to gain the skills/qualifications to do this. I am a relief writer which means I do the odd jobs and take over things when the main writers get busy, I write and do work others can't or wont do. I cannot become a full time writer until I have gained more experience and a qualification in writing or English.

What am I studying at university? I am doing a joint honours in English, History, Education and Writing. I am both looking forward to studying, and dreading it! Mainly as I am scared I will fail! But you don't know until you try! So I will try my best and work very hard! I am scared also because I will be living away from home! Meaning I shall be living alone, and the university isn't exactly what I would call close to my home... Scary!! But I will do it! ^^

WOW my bio turned into an essay 0_o

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AuraChan Oct 29, 2007

ya..... i use oil of olay and eat my veggies ^^

Zedekiah Oct 29, 2007

37? You don't half look good for that age :P Just started atching CCS!