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He just had her baby and you take your baby from your arms in new place at into someone else's arms and then you leave the hospital without your child ones that feel like was the hardest thing I've ever done honestly but it was the best thing the feeling was I was torn I was so sad I was so her that I wasn't me beholder anymore after today there were tears and but at the same time I fell that she’s going home with these people who love her and I could tell the minute they looked at her that they loved her and I knew she would have a better life than I could ever give her any so Safer Colon  I'll I was ecstatic with happiness but it's a sad its later on the show I'mgonna ask you to give your opinion because I know that there's a lot of young women out there in your condition on your position either they have given birth or they’re about to give birth they just found out that they're pregnant on escalate on the show the advice that you would give them in their situation right now we join us later on show for that it's about when we come back actress and adoptive mom donna mills will joins see right there when me later on Danny & Marie a special tribute song from Murray to mothers everywhere in so families that me boom Monday undone Ian Murray it's a family affair Hollywood heartthrob Kevin Bacon performs with his brother and after sustaining arming is here with him home the house here is Abby Cunningham from my they hit series knots landing right but the daughter that she adopted five years ago only knows her his mom would...

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