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  I'm just a normal person. Maybe a bit more sadistic and lazy. In my free time, I sketch (anime), sing (anime), surf the internet, read fanfiction, write fanfiction, play the piano (I'm a newbie), and do Tae Kwon Do (kinda have to do this not to get too fat).

My favourite genres are thriller, action, mystery, psychological, fantasy, supernatural, adventure, sci-fi, violence, and tragedy. I might watch anime whose genres I don't like based on their ratings. I also tend to watch violent anime when I'm mad to take my anger out on the characters. My least favourite genres are Yaoi/Yuri, slice of life, ecchi/hentai, sports (I take that back),shounen/shoujo ai, parody, slow paced, mecha, and horror

Favourite OP: Unravel-TK from Ling Tosite Sigure- Tokyo Ghoul OP

 Reading manga makes me tired  there's so much information dumping and it's so rushed so I read less manga than anime.

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I rate it fham

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Rei is still bae <3

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"The world is not beautiful, therefore it is."

200th anime: Wolf Children- Feb 14, 2015

250th anime: Haikyuu!!- May 26, 2015

300th anime: Black Lagoon: the Second Barrage- Dec 24th, 2015

350th anime: Hunter x Hunter OVA- September 4th, 2016

Last anime completed: Detective Conan Movie 19- Completed 16/12/05    [8.2/10]

Detective Conan Movie 20- Completed 16/12/06    [8.4/10]

Kino no Tabi- Completed 16/12/07    [9.2/10]

Last manga reading: Bastard     [9.6/10]

Currently Watching:

Haikyuu!! 3 main imageBungou Stray Dogs 2nd SeasonMagical Girl Raising Project main imageDetective Conan main imageMy Love Story!!KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world!!


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darciel says...


as you can see I'm not that active here lol. If you still haven't beginn with the OVA, I'd still recommend you the OVA of Tsuba Reservoir. I would not see a problem with the comrehension of the story. There's a chance that you can get confronted with one or two questions, but all in all I don't think it would be a big deal. Unless you'r the type, who has to know everything from beginning to the end lol. So you do not have to worry that much and just enjoy it! I just hope I didn't set the expectation bar too high hahha 

Thx for your recommendations: I wanted to start with BACCANO since ages lol. I guess it's time to have a peek of BACCANO. 

Aug 3, 2015
Cupcake0chan says...

I read inu x boku kagerou dies

Jul 1, 2015
CMGHAF16 says...

"I wanted to ask if we could hangout tomorrow." is what Andrew said.

Jun 29, 2015
Ailly says...

Yeah, if I ever find time for it xD It's completely different from the original story line (and it looks way more gorgeous to be honest!). Are you?

Apr 4, 2015
Ailly says...

Haha, really? I though it made a whole lot more sense than the original ending xD Don't get me wrong, it's still confusing as hell, but at least it felt like the story had come to an actual close. But opinions differ on which is better and it all comes down to personal taste anyway ^^ Death and Rebirth is just a recap movie, I believe, so you probably won't be getting more info out of it. Though I'm probably going to watch it as well, just for completion's sake.

Mar 29, 2015