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TitanLavi Aug 21, 2016

You watch nothing but mainstream and you have ponyp a 3/10......

eifiee Aug 20, 2013

You're completely right honestly, I shouldn't have made you explain yourself lol.  I had literally just watched Ponyo for the first time before I had read your review, & I really loved it & after seeing all the bad things people said about it I was upset but your review was one of the nicer ones so I should have chose a different one to be rude on >.< I actually do agree, now that I have a clearer head.  Sosuke & Ponyo hardly had to do anything in order for things to be resolved.  Something that is now sticking out to me is that little Ponyo had to lose her magic to become human & I know she loves Sosuke soo much but I wish she would have given it a LITTLE bit of thought, because that's a huge thing!  The movie, although cute & fun to watch & gave me a great happy feeling after watching it- seemed more like a showcase of what they can do with animation.  The animation & artwork was brilliant, so I guess they focused more on that.  I did like it a lot but it could have been much better if they had put as much thought into the story as they did the animation!  Thank you for the reply, & I'm sorry again, I was being so immature oh my gosh D:  & Oh okay that makes sense haha!  I was just wondering because lately I've grown tired of harems & was thinking that maybe reverse was better somehow.  Well, actually it is for me too, since I like da boys better ahaha :p  Thanks again & have a great day!! ^__^ (this was too long omgggg)

eifiee Aug 18, 2013

I'm curious, why do you love reverse harem, but hate harem? x]