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...I should probably stop torturing the Want to watch and Want to read button...



[Jan 12, 2015] 100th Anime - Diabolik Lovers

[Jan 17, 2015] 1000th episode - Tokyo Ghoul √A (Ep2)

[Sep 30, 2015] 1 month on Anime - One Piece (Ep80)

[Oct 23, 2015] 2000th episode - One Piece (Ep202)

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blijhapper says...

There are not really any genre I don't like or really much prefer. But I think the ones I love the most are horror, psychology and comedy (and maybe a bit action ;)). Btw I don't know if this is a dumb question but is there a easier way for us to talk?

Oct 17, 2015
blijhapper says...

Hey :D well thankyou for welcoming me on Anime planet, and thanks for noticing my profile picture :p. 

well to start the conversation, I'll just ask a basic question: Do you have any recommandations for what I should watch?

Oct 16, 2015
KrisSimsters says...

How do I add anime and manga on my list?

Oct 15, 2015
Sianeka says...

Asije says.. I already got an invitation like that, but I turned it down. I haven't changed my mind about it, so I won't join this time either. But thank you for the invitation anyway.

No problem! I won't bug you any more, it's just I see you adding welcomes and I love to encourage folks to do that!  My club is my way to encourage folks, but having independent Greeters on the site is also cool!   Peace and Love!

Aug 10, 2015
Sianeka says...

Hi! I notice you often greet new members here, so I'm guessing you think it is a good idea to give a nice hello to new members that join the site. Therefore, I want to invite you to become a Club Supporter in the A-P Welcoming Committee club. Club Supporters endorse the idea that WECO welcomes new members to the site. There are NO OBLIGATIONS involved in being a Club Supporter.  No extra work that you need to do; by becoming a Supporter, all you are doing is saying you agree it is a good idea that the club welcomes new members.

(Note: if you ever want to become even more involved and start greeting new members as part of club participation, let me know and I can send you information about becoming a Greeter.)

Aug 9, 2015