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My First.

13 FEB

Funny, I didnt even realize we had a option to do blogs up until now, lovely haha. I guess I will start doing some now .3. ... I dont really know if I will keep it up to date as I am not really sure what to write in here, I also dont want to bore everyone haha. not like anyone will read this but anyway ...

Well currently, it is 1:43PM here in le Canada, I am trying to decide what to do! (not that anyone cares .3. ) I JUST finished Kuroko No Basuke. I must say IT WAS AWESOME! I loved everything about that Anime, even from the first episode I was hooked (which is rare sometimes). Oh my fangirling hit me hard though with all the pairings of GUYS you could do in this Anime .3. ... I must say Kuroko and Kagami <3 SO KAWAII together hehe. Kise .. By the way, is MINE <3 I loverz him. Hes so sweet and funny and he cares about everyone, plus hes WAY STRONG at playing! I am really stoked for the new season to come out .3. PLEASE HURRY!

My next Anime up to watch is Bakuman! (every time I say Bakuman I think of Bakugon XD ) It seems pretty good from what I saw as of ratings and description so I said why not I will give it a shot, besides its been a while since I have been kind of wanting to watch it so..Why not! I had NO idea what to watch what so ever anyway, so I just decided to watch this. There are just way too many Anime I need to finish and start, I feel like I dont have enough time haha XD Lets just hope this Anime is good .3.

Well have a good Wednesday or whatever day it is where you live XD


Ashlie Kurosaki Yagami


Kuroko No Basuke <3

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