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600 - Accel World

30 JAN

Wow... 600th anime... it's been a quick 100 if you ask me...

Well... I wanted something special =) That's why I decided to go for Reki's first masterpiece, Accel World =)

It's kinda weird seeing it after SAO but for the timeline... it somehow works =D

Well... guess I'll be comparing them anyways :D

How to start... I'm pretty moved. Accel World really get into your emotion system... deeply.

In this aspect and maybe even the story (guess I'm all for hi-tech and future, huh...) pretty much beats SAO...

But what really wasn't good idea was Haru... I think he shouldn't have been protagonist for this kind of anime... guess that why Kirito became so badass in SAO... Reki probably tried to fix this =)

Beside this, I don't have anything bad to say about it.

What I gotta hand to Reki is his fantastic selection of heroines =D Hime, Chiyu, Asuna, Sugu... you just simply have to love all of them :D

So... to the next 100, I go.

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