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filter: August 2011  

Shiki - start of noitaminA week

31 AUG

I finally watched it! :D I've been downloading Shiki since my school year and just couldn't bring myself to watch it xD And today I finally get it do... read more

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters

28 AUG

Today marks my second finished Yu-Gi-Oh series =) After 4 weeks of non-constant watching, I finished YGO DM! And I loved it as much as I loved YGO GX... read more

400th Anime

25 AUG

Okay, I finally did it xD I finally finished filler part of Deltora Quest which means I watched the complete anime finally! xD I was hesitating becau... read more

Kimikiss Pure Rouge

20 AUG

Okay, another one-day filled with one anime =D Today, it was Kimikiss. My friend recommended it so I had to follow his advice =D And it was a great ... read more

Infinite Stratos

17 AUG

Oh yeah! I needed something to put me back in my tracks =D I'm starting to feeling really unwell if I don't watch anime each 2-3 days o.O So today I... read more