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Fall 2012


With Little Busters as the last ongoing of the imo best season in about 3 years, here's a my ranking of it.

I've watched Psycho Pass, Robo Notes, Zetsuen no Tempest, Little Busters, Code Breaker, Bakuman 3, Chu2Koi, Hayate 3, Oniai and K (even though I went through K in one-go :D)

I'll be sure to get some more of them later, but from this, here's a ranking (even though I pretty much already said the TOP 3 :D)

1. Psycho Pass

2. Robotics;Notes

3. Zetsuen no Tempest


4. Chu2Koi

5. Little Busters

6. Hayate 3

7. Code Breaker

8. K

9. Bakuman 3

10. OniAi 

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