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I've been into anime for a long time now. As I kid I watched a lot of anime intended for childeren without realising it was anime; Robotech, Speed Racer, Windaria, etc. I infact forgot quite a few names of shows I saw back then ( al through using Anime-planet I have rediscovered some!).

I generally watch just about anything. Both old and new anime. Both feel good anime to rather extreme voilent action ones. In the end I will, due to my childhood fasination with Robotech and Macross I guess) always have a weakspot for both Mecha and giant robot anime. The only things I do not like are things like hentai, harem anime and generally speaking 100% comedy or love story anime. I'm not a big fan of pointless nudity and gore (but have no problem with gore when it supports the plot). In general I really love tragedies.

I'm trying to help at the moment with getting some older anime added to the database here as this place seems quite good and I just love to be able to help (plus then I can finally add those shows to my "watched" list and show off ha!)

Helped on Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross, Roujin Z, Blue Comet SPT Layzner, Tekkaman Blade, Genocyber, AstroBoy, Dancougar: Requiem for Victims, Getter Robo Armageddon, Robotech - The Macross Saga, Robotech - The Masters, Robotech - The New Generations and Robotech - The Shadow Chronicles.

Still planning on helping out on various older anime's but unfortunatly have not had much time to even watch much anime. Most of this due to the fact I've started writing for a Dutch news & opinion website called But I do hope to at some point also get some time for anime again! Till then most is on hold sadly..

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Lolo Aug 10, 2007

I really need to watch My Neighbor Totoro and Elfen Lied...*sigh* it's on my to watch list :0) May I suggest RahXephon good stuff... The clock struck one and the zombies rose from the ground. They tried to grab me but my pimp hand is way stong and I slaped em down. - the marvelous captain lolo

Tyrinari Aug 8, 2007

I first saw the movie just a week ago or so, and it instantly became my favorite... even above Howl's Moving Castle. I've been looking around for a giant Totoro plushie that I could use as a bed if I wanted, sadly to no avail. :(

Tyrinari Aug 8, 2007

TOTORO! ^________^

Kastrophee Aug 5, 2007

Just noticed you signed up,my observation skills need some sharpening. :P

Welcome and I see you started Nadesico after me and finished before me, heh.

Quickben Aug 4, 2007

it is im currently selling my soul to it=)