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  • GunPla Log - Avast, thar be a Mobile Suit! Tis a Gundam!

GunPla Log - Avast, thar be a Mobile Suit! Tis a Gundam!

10 JAN

I call this one the F97 Gundam Formula 97 (Crossbone Gundam X-1 Kai) Custom Harlock Version. It's a Crossbone X-1 with the option parts to make it  the "Skull Heart" version (which the packaging calles the "Kai" version, which is really a slightly different design).

The F97 comes with a beam-resistant cloak that covers a good part of the mobile suit. Unfortunately, the cloak isn't that great, so I plan on making a new one that fits better and fits with the Harlock/Arcadia theme better. I've also repainted the Jolly Rogers and the adjustable X-thrusters ivory with grey flecks to give it a more bone-like appearance.

The F97's primary melee weapon is the Zanber; a heavy beam saber with a widened blade. I'm planning on modifying this soon.

The F97 carries over several of the F91's original drawbacks, primarily with heat dispension. The F91's faceplate could slide up under its helmet to reveal a vent in the head. The F97 keeps the head-mounted vent, but replaces the sliding full-face cover with a smaller, wider sliding piece. When the plate opens up to expose the vent, the F97 looks like it's roaring, bearing its fangs, and breathing smoke and fire. So naturally, I decided it would be best to color the vent red.

The F97's main ranged weapon is a Beam Gun shaped like an 18th century flintlock pistol. It's a bit big for my taste; I may wind up modifying or replacing it with something else.

The Beam Gun and Zanber can be combined into a high-powered beam rifle called the Zanbuster. I'm not terribly fond of this design, and my intended modifications for the Zanbuster will probably prohibit forming the Zanbuster.

In keeping with its pirate theme, the F97's skirt armor holds a pair of suprises; the two front panels house a pair of scissor anchors that can latch onto either enemy mobile suits (holding them in place andallowing them to be used as improvised weapons) or enemy ships (to make retraining an boarding ships far easier). For the back panels I used a pair of optional panels that contain a pair of Screw Whips. The whip components need some work, so right now their just sleaker versions of the standard panels.

The F97 has two smaller melee weapons; a pair of collapsable Heat Knives (stored in the backs of its legs) and a pair of X-shaped Brand Markers stored on each forearm. In the comics, the Brand Marker modules double as Beam Shields that are essentially larger versions of the modules on the F91, but the model doesn't come with any sort of shield piece.

The F97 also has another pair of Heat Knives hidden in its leg. Because when you're confronted by a grumpy Batara, why should you have to decide between stabbing it and kicking it in the face?

The F97 is somewhat unusual in that it's the first original mobile suit to use a Core Block System since U.C. 0088 (namely the ZZ Gundam and S Gundam).

Technically it's still somewhat incomplete; I still need to add clear coat, panel lines and touch up the paint job. I'm also planning on scratch building a rifle barrel to replace the beam component on the Zanber (to make it closer to a Gravity Sabre) and possibly some machine gun barrels to replace the shoulder/core fighter mounted beam sabers.

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