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Model Log - The Arcadia


Just finished the Arcadia. Not the best looking job, but I've only put together a few non-poseable models, so I consider it at least a satisfactory job.

The starboard side of the Arcadia; The three Pulsar Cannons can actually swivel about 200° (give or take a bit depending on their position) and the Space Buster (the long box piece just behind the rearward Pulsar turret) can swivel upwards about 50°. Unfortunately I had a wee bit of trouble with the glue getting everywhere. You can see a blemish from it about a third of the way down the ship's side.

For the bow of the Arcadia, I used a sharpie to fill in the black in the eye sockets.

The stern of the Arcadia. I couldn't find any brown model paint in my supply, so I just used gold for the stern and mixed in a touch of black to lessen the sheen. The flag turned out to be a segment of the instruction manual that you cut out and fold over itself then fray (cut) the edge as you wish. The mast actually broke when I took it off the tree, so the middle of the flag is actually unsupported; I used a bit more glue than normal so that it would at least look like it was on a full mast. Those lantern pieces were a bitch; there is no notch or anything in them to make them stay in place, you just balance them and hope they don't shift before the glue hardens.

For size reference, Here's the model next to the most appropriate size reference I could think of.


chii avatar chii
Dec 2, 2011

dude awesome

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