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Lol HI!!! I'm a boring female who: Watches Anime, Has a pony and draws/Animates a LOT. I descovered this cool site by a youtube comment I saw. THANKS YOUTUBE!!! I have a beautiful 13.2hh dappled grey, blood speckled connemara mare called Cailin, who I adore. I'm no good at drawing humans so I re-invent characters into animals... Normally Wolves or cats. I'm bad at Back grounds and animate/draw with MS paint. I have Photo shop on a disk but that requires effort to install onto this Xblade computer :)

I'm not Little but I like like the Illiteration, I'm average rofl. Btw any way... I first discovered Anime' properly when I was watching 'Shaman King' which at the time I thought was great, around the age of 8. I remember of Fridays me and my brother would sit on the bottom of the bunk bed and watch the episodes which was on at 8:00 pm and we'd then go to bed after. I personally enjoyed Shaman king in the anime' and I discovered a month ago there was a manga for it and read that. It was good but the ending seemed to... well I didn't like the ending.

Then I started watching Code lyoko, I thought it was good. I liked the plot and the voices which were very well proposed.

I then watched Princess monoke... Got mentally scarred and nine out of the ten voices in my head say i'm "sane" while the other is humming.

I later was recommended to watch "Soul Eater". Now... I have to say I really enjoyed it. I loved the animation, voices and characters. I hated Maka... I can't say why but she comes across as someone weak, and Soul tells her to dodge or guard and she replies saying, "But you'll get hurt!" and then he has to jump in front of the attack anyway... So I loved it until the last ten minutes of episode 51... let down much? I think the series was to predictable, too simple and didn't dig into the characters enough. I'd have liked to know more about Soul, Blackstar and Tsubaki... BTW I drew some pictures of them:

Soul Wolf version

Thats supposed to be Soul- wolf version.

Thats supposed to be Tsuabki (left) and black* (right)

Thats supposed to be Death the kid (middle), Liz (left) and patty (right)

Thats all for now :3

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