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I like all types of all anime, manga and games. I'm an digital anime packrat, If it was released online I'll have it 90% of the time. I don't tend to read/watch a series unless I am rewatching it to see it with a friend or in the case of very few series I really liked them. I've seen my top five at least twice. Lately I been watching and reading lots shoujo anime and comics. I been unknowingly been watching anime as far back as I can remember mind you it wasn't subbed nor fansubbed I didn't find about that till I was 17 or so. I also work on AMVs that never get finish for many reasons >_>.

I like playing rpgs and a few mmorpgs. Currently playing random games and I should finish Final Fantasy XII :Pa. I playing random mmo's haven't found one settle in :P.

When I'm not playing games or watching anime I work providing support for a webhosting company or help out at places that contract me. I gave up on the game industry in this currently economy.

Because of anime and work, I been studying Japanese on and off and thanks to those efforts I have a basic understanding of the language. Though I still intended to study much more since my goal is fluency well at least as close as I can get to.I can watch less complicated shows with out subtitles now and play games that don't have a whole lot of Kanji. I've increase my reading of Kanji and soon will begin to study a little more seriously.

It's nice to meet people with similar interests, so drop me a line and we can chat.

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Tachikoma says...

thought i'd drop by and say that i like your ava! 

ahhhh,... i really cant think of anything else to say so,.... see ya 'round! 


Jan 23, 2008
sothis says...

Holy crap - have you actually seen (all the way through) 750 series?! It's pretty rare to find someone who trumps my viewing record o_o where are your recommendations?? Pass along the knowledge to less experienced anime fans ^_^

Jan 23, 2008
Ran says...

hum... must bve too talkative if half of my message was cut XD.

Although the only time i coded something, it was a text adventure in gw/qbasic and back when i was... ways too young. Even if i didn't go on coding, still can't help but asking more questions then there's answers when talking with my close coders :pI don't mind being in a cage as long as i have a computer and a working internet connection, don't mind working among guys either, it's better then having to bear with make up talk ~and i only met nice people so far, lucky me. Only thing that'd make me give up on being a game dev, is if the ambiance'd be bad, i'm a bit naive i guess, want the team to work together and not fight each other for keeping the job or geting the better one. But even then, i'd need make amateur games. Can't live without ^^.

Is it possible for you to not have watched something yet? O_o XDThink i just saw your profile on the user's page (random profile, or list, or top 5, no idea) found the avatar cool/cute. Was too shy to drop a line though, even if it may not look that way XD

Dec 4, 2007
Ran says...

^^ Thanks for the comment ^^

 Just what i mean, rusty metal, though my friends make fun out of it if i go somewhere during my travels and only take texture shots there ^_^" Didn't get to use any of it yet though :\ hope my next project will be more cyberpunkish :)

Those that not only you miss dusting off, but that you also can't seem to find when you stand up to get them out XDI'm not so much into consoles, never had any, good thing otherwise i probably wouldnt have learnt anything about computers, and would only know to play. Besides, i hate those controlers, probably cause of being surrounded by men making fun out of me when i try using them XD the wii is better there, diferent at least, though some games really don't use it in an effective/ergonomic/intuitive way.

In fact i'd say my drawing isn't bad, it's just that somedays i badly want to progress on some concept art and can't trace a line just how i'd want it to be. Really hate that. I do suck at perspective though, i got the theory, but in the end it always looks like something escher-like, just not as good looking =)) Lucky i can cheat a bit by modeling the scene i want to draw and take it as a... model. Opposite of the usual way to do things XD

And i've never been as happy as when i found out about computer arts, coloring pics just became so much easier then with (oil~) paint ^^

I'm not sure how i'll get there though, i've been avoiding all gamedev schools, don't want a diploma that won't give me a second option, and i'm not sure getting the oficial diploma will get me anywhere, knowing there's 100 students finished for two dozen jobs each year :p

It just had to be management cause that's what failed in all projects i've taken part in so far. I'm trying to get a bit of knowledge about everything ^^ not just the art which i practice, but also some coding and design/mapping. Althou

Dec 4, 2007
ToiletsAfterHer says...

HEY you ate all the anime i wanna watch lol

can we trade bodies for a day?? ;) hah

i see martian successor nadesico in your top, i finnally just found it for $35 and can't wait to watch it!

now my friends are getting coal for xmas heheh nah :D


Nov 13, 2007