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I'm Aru and I'm into all sorts of anime from horror and psychological to comedy and romance. I'm shy around new people but I'm trying to get better at it. When you get to know me I'm a really cool dude, and I can be a great friend. 

Top 5 Anime of All-Time:

Future Diary TV/Mirrai Nikki TV

I fell in love with this anime from episode one, the characters are so well done and every statement has power and emotion to follow. I'll be honest, I have never shed more tears on an anime in my life, and that's no lie. I love the insanity and the struggle each contestant faces to push forth into godhood. This anime is VERY psychological, brutal in some cases, but all the same it's quite amazing.  I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone into horror anime. 

Another -

This was originally my favorite anime, until I found Future Dairy TV, though they are a lot alike. I really loved this one and the in-your-face gore scenes, made quite a show. Plus the mystery that flows around the entire show gives it high rise for re-watching it.

Higurashi: When they Cry/Higurashi no Naku Koro ni -

This anime was my favorite before both Another and Future Dairy, though it's very similiar to Another. I loved the insanity and in-your-faceness that this anime had to offer, very psychological as well. Plus it has that sense of mystery just like Another does.

Blue Exorcist -

I honestly love this anime, it's great in every reguard, though I have have some slight issues with it. My ONLY problem is the religous aspects involved in it, I'm not trying to say I hate the religous aspects of it, just that they focus too much on it, I feel an anime shouldn't be all about it, but have it mentioned here and there, that's all. Anyhow, don't get me wrong, it's an amazing anime with characters that you gotta love, badass fighting scenes, and it's chocked full of emotion too.

Steins;Gate -

This anime is a little slow to get into, but it is very good. It's very scientific, which I love about it, and all the characters are so at-home it's an experience to say the least. The anime focuses on time travel and the theories behind its possability, which is just facinating to me. The level of emotion on it is enough to make you cry at points, so be aware. All-in-all this is a wonderful anime and I love it so very much.

Rate System:

5 Stars -

This is likely an anime I fell in love with, but it doesn't mean it's one of my favorites. I reserve this spot for anime in which I see no flaws what-so-ever (based on my opinion).  Also any 5 star anime I highly recommend.

4.5 Stars -

An anime in which I see little to any flaws, but didn't quite make the cut in some way or another. Any 4.5 star I would still highly recommend.

4 Stars -

These are anime in which I see some flaws or slight things that could be made better, but are still good as a whole. Any 4 star I would much recommend.

3.5 Stars -

Anime in which there are a number of flaws, but that doesn't kill the anime as a whole. I would recommend any 3.5 star anime.

3 Stars -

These anime are ones that are still good, but you may have to look past a few things here and there. I would recommend them, but with some slight reluctance to a few of them.

2.5 Stars and Below -

For the most part I won't generally remark on an anime lower than 3 stars, with a few exceptions her and there. I would still recommend some of them, but most just aren't something I would watch. More often I'd put them under Won't Watch. 

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xxSilencexx says...

Thanks for the comment on my page, thanks to League of Legends, I've horredously inactive on this page, combined with downlaod cuts, I haven't been watching much anime, but i'm starting up again, trying to finish all the stuff I've bought and the stuff I've been asked to watch, I like your top 10, some good animes in that one :) 

Feb 10, 2014