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Hmm.. Student, silversmith and few days too much spent on anime.

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arc666 Oct 20, 2008

I know what you mean my top top anime has changed twice within the last week its hard to pick just one.

arc666 Oct 18, 2008


I think thats what konnchiwa means...but on a diffrent note you have seen alot whats your favourite anime?

cameronanimeangel Oct 18, 2008

Oh well I don't run the site just another fan. Well there is just so much anime out there that is hard for the staff and current reviwes and adders to add anime. So just give them time or help them out I'm sure they would like that. Also join us on the forums. If you have more questions I'm able to answer let me know.

cameronanimeangel Oct 16, 2008

Hello and Welcome to the Anime-Planet Site. Everyone is friendly and nice. If there are any problems just ask ok. Also like the Avatar nice choice. Any way have a great day and thanks for making Anime-Planet your home for ANIME.

arc666 Oct 16, 2008