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I am a full time college student and work part time at a Dr's office.  In my free time I force my friends to watch anime and go down to the lake.  I have been to several anime conventions in the Tulsa area and see more in the future!

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PrincessAhiru Jul 1, 2009

i need to get anime from you to watch.....

Iria Oct 10, 2008


PrincessAhiru May 10, 2008

omg i cant wait to c deathnote the movie!!!!! and i cant wait to see the second series, whenever it comes out. u should really watch Air when u get a chance. hehe, i love the girl.

i love you so much!!! btw, i LOVE yoiur profile pic. hehe. and thanks for chipping in with the shoes, everytime i open the box im shocked, and speechless.

PrincessAhiru Feb 3, 2008

hey keep me posted on how much of death note u've seen, and tell me what u think!!!

bellatrix4574 Nov 26, 2007

You are such a dumb bunny - i mean Dragon...I am the bunny! That was a really long and pointless message! Guess What?  I should be in the practice room working on my music...i have alot to do. But am I? Oh, no! I am watching anime in the computer lab! I Rock!! Love Ya!