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Hmm what to tell about myself.....well I guess I am a Web Design and Multimedia Major at Westwood College. I work on all sorts of different websites and I am currently working on a website that will allow all anime to be streamed (The name has not been decided on yet). It isn't completed yet so please don't leave a comment saying something like: "hey is it done yet?" I hope to have an alliance with Sothis so that we can get more people interested in anime/manga. Once I finish my site it will be open to some people for beta testing. Then once the beta testing is over it will be open to the public. Now this site will be updated daily with new anime, so keep an eye out for the newest and best anime!

-Personal Note-

I guess the anime that I like the most are the ones where people fall in love and go through hard times. I know right now I am in love with the best girl in the world and I would never do anything to harm or hurt her in anyway. Just watching the romatic anime's make me realize that I love my girlfriend more and more everyday! She doesn't really like anime that much but I hope that I can talk her into watching some with me! Lets see...I've seen more anime than I have listed but I would have to actually see the title or images to remember that I watched it! I will try to update it as soon as I can so that it is actually accurate.

Ja Ne~

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cameronanimeangel Oct 9, 2008

Oh no problem man. That is what we do on here, we make friends and great eachother. I'm more on the forums then anything else.

Bixie Oct 9, 2008

Hey! You are so welcome! This is a great place to hang out, make new friends and talk anime! Hope to see you around


Lilliy Oct 9, 2008

who all are in that ava? o.oI so totaly love ita :DDD Bleach is so goood ^^

Zemunasu Oct 6, 2008

Welcome to Anime-Planet the greatest place on Earth...if you didn't know that already. You and I are looking into the same feilds in college great pick I say. Well hope you have a splindid time here with us at A-P and we hope to see you soon in the forums.