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First of all I would like to say that my spelling is horrible, dont be suprised if you find forth grade errors everywhere.

Im a plane guy from sweden that just recently started watching anime, dont have any of that back in the days nostalgic knowlige that many people on the forums have. Well anyways, stared watching when one of my former classmates told me about a series that he watched, that he thought I might enoy to. One with alot of ninjas, he said. He was talking about Naruto * hold for laughs *, wich I guess was the first anime I watched. Long story short, I found out that there was a world of animated series with stories better then any movie or television show Ide ever seen before! Have to say that Im a sucker for plot twists and unprotictable stories.

I have to say that I dont know that much about anime, but am well willing to learn. So if you have a favorite anime you consider a classic, send me a tell so that I may brouden my knowlige. As I would greatly like to learn everything there is to know about this wonderful fenomenon.

Other then anime I play soccer and plan on studing Economics at " Kristianstad Högskola " after the summer. Same old, same old feeling here. But I plan on doing something great one day, its just a matter of time, just you wait and see.


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