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sothis Jul 24, 2010

So just curious, does this account exist anymore except to get ideas to implement on your site? ;)

Someone pointed out one of the threads about taking the statuses we use here so I had a look around the forum for fun, just as one important note:

"Basically a recommendation site like or but better cause it'll be created by scratch by me"

As a heads up, I started Anime-Planet 10 years ago, also created from scratch (as you're local too, you'll recognize when I say I first hosted it on my WWU account at school). The creator of MAL did the same (from scratch), just a fyi. Everything on AP is personally written by someone, none taken from wiki or other sites - we've always heavily focused on quality. Just a heads up, in case you had a misunderstanding about what the site is all about here (though huge, it's still run pretty much only by me, except a developer I now have onboard and some volunteer mods).

TheOmnipotentLemur Jan 8, 2009



Just saw your top 5 anime under the users tab and thought Id pop in. Your tastes in anime seem to match mine.


Anyway, Just thoguth Id say Hi.