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I use this website as a tool for keeping track of my anime and looking for those I have not yet watched. I have a anime blog/website @ arkohn.com so please check it out.

My two favorite "genres" of anime are comedy and epic. Comedy is self explanatory. "Epic" is not really genre; however, it describes many of the anime I have enjoyed. Whether it is the scale of battle in a space opera, or the abilities of a character in a shonen anime, or even the setting for a fantasy series, if it is epic I will probably love it!

I am also one of the minority few who prefer Anime over Manga. Weird right? Before you start burning me at the stake hear me out. While I do find manga/comics interesting they seem too open to interpretation. I prefer anime because they are more often a finished product. They fill in the details, visually at least, that are sometimes missing in the manga. I will concede that a series often loses or changes plot/characters in the transition from a manga to an anime. However the reverse is also true and some anime are much better than their manga counterparts. Haters gonna hate. Viva la animation!

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