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Welcome to the unisex universe of bishies and almost-bishies. Saint Beast: 9 gorgeous men compete to be chosen to be on an elite team of 6 gorgeous men. Once this elite team is chosen, they do some gorgous men justice fighter stuff and eventually a war begins.

I was dumb. When I was watching this, I was at first unaware that it was stronlgy shounen-ai. Actually, what WAS going through my mind was "Bishie bishie bishie bishie....It's a Bishie Explosion!!!!!!". Nothing wrong with shounen-ai, but for me it makes it harder to fan-girl.

So much of the plot is taken up by talking about emotions that the story is lost on you. However, sometimes when the emotional turmoil is too much someone might just uproot a forest with their tears and flatten a mountain. And then talk about his emotions. While watching this I kept spinning in my chair, playing solitaire, dozing one point I felt like a dumb audience member at Jerry Springer and shouted "Take your shirt off!" at my screen. And had they done that, I may have given this show a better rating ;)

Story: 6/10

The story is pretty generic. The whole plotline seemed to be nothing more than a yaoi fanservice, filled with abs, feelings, trust, bonding, and tights.

Shounen-ai isn't really my thing, so I can only blame myself for the shock I got when I realized that there would be no straight romance. I mean, in the very first episode they were having tea, looking at wedding pictures and explaining to one of the charachters what heterosexual was (he never heard of it).

However, putting personal taste aside, I will judge this objectively:

I'll give it a 6 because the plot was was just a bit better than average. It was bland, but angels at war is a very nice theme. Cheezy, yes. Unorigional, definetly.

However, I found it also very comical. Have you ever heard a man giggle? I have heard a manly group giggle several times. it's odd, yet a rare opportinity O.o?

And so many sexual innuendos! While discussing training, a typical man to man conversation would go

"angel 1: Go on, he did it with me just yesterday.

angel 2: Please be gentle with me. If your too rough, my body might not be able to handle it *blush*

everyone: *man giggles*"

Yes, that was pretty much taken from the text.

And the common theme, they never shut up about their emotions. So much that I, a hopeless romantic, got sick of it.

Animation: 6/10

So it was nicely animated....Nice colors and designs were evident. But there was nothing that was actually very stunning (beyond the man caresses. And man blushes. More effective than a tazer, those are)

The scenery itself wasn't original, and though nice, nothing special. When you have heaven and a magical world to design, I say let the pen run WILD, man.

However, the character design is what pulled me into the anime in the first place. They were bishies, but when I got a close look at them in motion, they lost some of their appeal.

As for combat scenes, they didn't elaborate much. Mostly they strike a pose and magic beams shoot from their bodies, or you'll see a punch or kick. nothing very impressive.

Sound: 7/10

Man giggles. I will never forget them.

Nearly all the characters had good voices, though some were tragically wrong. They seemed to utterly disregard gender (then again, according to the writers heaven is unisex) so I disagreed a bit with the voice casting.

As for the opening and closing songs.....

Its bad disco music. That's all it is. Sung by men with deep yet not instrumental voices.

Characters: 8/10

A high rating because I just adore them bishies. I liked most of the characters, they were amusing and were nicely designed. They had rockin bods' and a couple did hair flips. Hehehe, fangirl at heart. It was fun to see how the characters interacted with eachother when NOT discussing their feelings.

I especially ejoyed the blode one and the one with brown hair. Now, this is where the problem comes in. There are six main characters sharing the glory. I could NEVER remember their names. Plus, i instantly stopped caring about one bishie as soon as the next one came on screen.

And while their clothes were...ehem....clothes with kinda nice design, some of the characters looked kinda off. Most of the men are wearing dresses, and one of them wears a sports bra type thing (probably to better show off his abs. Unfortunatly, they were not visible v_v). While on occasion I was yelling "take your shirt off!" at the screen, it wasn't so necessary because their clothes are so tight they might as well not wear shirts, you can SEE the dents in their chiseled chests.

Conclusion: 6/10

The show was pretty much average. I don't feel any gain from having watched that show, so I know I won't be watching its related OVA and sequal series. However, maybe It's worth watching if you enjoy seeing 6 blushing emotional men with insane yet boring combat skills.

And to all Yaoi fans out there: enjoy!

6/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
6/10 overall
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