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I don't really know what to put here O.O I'll write as soon as I come up with something witty.

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tinalax Jul 23, 2008

ahhh who cares what other people think!  it's fun to mix languages!  i do it sometimes i'll be talking to my brother in english and then i'm gonna say a word but then i say it in vietnamese but who cares right?  i even say random japanese words i pick up from anime sometimes hehe (and some french and once in a very long time a word in cantonese)

is it nice to live in a coastal town?  i've lived in land-locked colorado all my life and i've only been to the beach once so i'm kinda curious :)

haha reading something in the middle of the night can sometimes make you have a wierder sense of humor than you normally do...well at least i'm like that.  and i'd be afraid of you if i were a lamp!  sheesh what did you do to them?? haha

and no i don't think i've seen or heard of that... i'm not sure if it's ever aired in the US *shrugs*  speaking of angel and buffy, have you heard of the new show coming out at the beginning of next year called Dollhouse?  it has the girl that played Faith in it and it looks interesting

i've been told that i mumble when i talk a i have to repeat myself a lot too lol it's kinda embarassing too

tinalax Jul 10, 2008

haha yeah I'm the same way, sometimes I read a book and then I'm talking to somebody about it like, two weeks later and I forget parts of the plot.  It's bad.

and I do that sometimes too!  or like I'm talking to someone about something and then I'm gonna say something and then when I'm about to talk I totally forget what I was going to say!

The Lord of the Rings books are incredibly slow when something isn't happening....and when some war scene or whatever is happening it goes by really fast and then you're just like, "It's over already?!?"  They have their ups and downs but for the most part they are slow books to read.  

It doesn't actually rain that often here...more like it's really cloudy and gloomy when there's no sun.  But the snow here is sooo random!  It's like, sunny for a lot of the winter and then when it's spring it just decides to snow like 3 feet.  I think it was 5 years ago but there was this time when it's was really sunny and in like the high 70's for a couple of days before we had a week off of school and then the next day it's really cloudy and there was a blizzard!  We were snowed in for a week so we had 2 weeks off of school >.>  but then we had to make up that time the rest of the school year so that kinda sucked.

hmm maybe, but if your english gets better maybe you'll be able to talk really fast in two languages and it would be exciting.  I actually think I'm more exciting in writing too, when I'm face to face with someone sometimes I can't think of what to say and it gets kinda awkward.

tinalax Jul 8, 2008

hahahaha you're so random i love it ^_^

I think I'll read the Princess Bride book, I haven't yet.  That reminds me that someone told me to Princess Diaries books are good too, I liked the movies so I'm assuming the books are even better.  Have you seen the movies?

See, when I start a book I don't like to not read the whole thing so when I was reading the Lord of the Rings books it took me like 2 years but I had to finish them haha.  I should've just stuck to watching the movies cuz they pretty much cover everything in the books but the books are so much longer and harder to read because the author (I forget the name) uses like a whole page to describe a rock.  Ok maybe I'm exagerating but that's what it felt like.  

It gets dark around 9:30 during the summer here and like 5:30 during the winter...but hey, according to my history teacher you see the sun like 320 days of the year here so that's a plus...I guess?

hehehe I think if we ever met in person we'd get a long great 

tinalax Jul 6, 2008

Yay for learning!  maybe?

lolz well who cares if they aren't the greatest as long as it keeps me entertained...I need to find some books to read too.  I'm waiting on a friend that has the series to finish it and lend it to me but she's being slow...and I find myself with very little to do lately so I end up very bored and whatnot and for some reason I don't feel like watching the anime that I'm in the middle of and...yeah!  I went off on a tangent didn't I?  I do that a lot kind of.

As for reading tips...if you haven't read it yet then the His Dark Materials series is good (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and the Amber case you didn't know)...and ummm Pride and Prejudice is a great book too.  If you want a laugh you should read the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series or....hmmm I haven't been reading much lately so I'm trying to think of good books...oh yeah there's this book called Speak that's kinda depressing but I thought it was good...I need to reread that. 

Oooooo yeah I just remembered and I can't believe I forgot but Where the Red Fern Grows is like the bestest book EVER.  Well at least I liked it a lot (I've read it like 5 times). 

Anywho why are you gonna read the Lord of the Rings series again?!?!  Those were probably the most painful books I've ever read.

And YES it is hot here in Colorado, and the weather has mood swings too!  I think today was in the 90's (Fahrenheit)

tinalax Jul 1, 2008

hehe that's the best first english movie to watch ever ^^  such a good movie... i haven't seen it in a long time and talking about it makes me want to see it again!

 tinalax is my name because tina is my name and lacrosse is my favorite sport and the abreviation for lacrosse is "lax"  ^^ i didn't feel like getting more creative than that and it's the first thing that came to mind