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After School Nightmare

Dec 28, 2011

Alright, let me break this down for you <3


Call me stupid, but a lot of the story can be hard to follow and everything seems to be drawn out, it's a very dark manga to say the least I at first thought it might be deep.

The author seemed to be all over the place with what they wanted to happen, the ever annoying relationship between Mashiro, Kureha and Sou was something that I both liked and disliked, as there are many moments when they just seem to throw Sou into the mix for drama and the fangirls.

Now, when it comes to a lot of twists and characters, nothing is REALLY explained clearly and it is up to just guess work, like many other parts of this story, I thought the ending was original and well thought out, but it was a very long boring trip to get there.


I've seen better, Ive seen worse. I found that the art work in this manga was more like a sketch than it was a final product, also lacking in certain details which made it plain. On the other hand there was something serene to it, which gives it an edge.


Where do i begin..

Mashiro- Mashiro in my eyes was initially just an average character.  He seemed quiet, with little personality and constantly worried about if he was male or female.

As the story progressed I found he was little more than a doll, having many suggestive moments with Sou where he showed little interest and hardly showed any personality.

His moments with Kureha almost gave me hope for the character, untill he began to get just as dull as before, becoming a very backround cliche main charcter.

Kureha- I took little interest in Kureha, I found her to be another cliche school girl type who is only there to create a love triangle for Sou and Mashiro.

The more I read the better of a character she became, over time she started to show signs of being more than just a secondary love interest. Near the end of the manga I felt Kureha had grown as a person due to her anger and need for revenge on Mashiro.

Sou- Sou come off to me as the silent brooding type. Throughout the manga his place seemed to be the main love interest, though his relationship with Mashiro was just as cliche as Kurehas' original role.

Most of the story he and Mashiro share moments togather, as the two of them (apparently) fall in love; although his place gets more complicted when his sister is revealed.

Now, this is where I really lost interest.

Sous' relationship with Ai is more confusing and not properly explained. The two seem to have an incestious relationship, which only gets more confusing as it is revealed why she is in the story at all.

The other characters have much smaller, secondary roles.


I'm not really sure what draws people to this, I thought it was boring, too long, and not well explained; although I can admit, it's twists are good, if you can understand them.


3/10 story
4/10 art
4/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Arisa12 Jun 22, 2012

Thank you! <3I'm going to be making more reviews ,please read them in the future. I reallyl ike this site and I'd love for more people to read them, please mention me to anyone else who comes on here :3

Frisco Jun 18, 2012

Good work, I totaly agree with you! :)