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The first anime that i really like is " Shugo Chara ".. I like it because Amu is so much like me.. We hardly can show our real self to others because we are too scared of what people might think.. But i only watch it until episode 100 because there was too many episode.. Then, my next favourite anime is " Blood+ " because i really like fantasy, horror anime.. Plus, Saya look so cool when she fight.. I really like Solomon but unfortunately Solomon died after trying to protect Saya.. Solomon is a true gentlemen, he even choose love over blood.. Diva is really cruel.. I can stand when she donate her blood to make Chiropteran but when she kill Riku is so unacceptable.. Saya is like a sleeping beauty but she wont wake up after a prince kiss her.. But she will wake up many years later when she already have enough sleep.. Well, enough sleep is when she already sleep for hundred years.. Then, my third favourite anime is " Ouran High School Host Club ".. Haruhi is really cute and this anime is really funny.. Sometimes i hope that Haruhi will end up with Hikaru but if they did then what will happen to Kaoru? So its better if Haruhi be with Tamaki.. Eventhough sometimes Tamaki is full of himself but he's like a child.. A child that you could'nt leave.. Huhuhu~

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