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I started watching Anime, and reading Manga in High School. Two close friends first introduced me to the art with "Gun Smith Cats," "Cowboy Bebop," "Neon Genises" and more.  I was imediatly hooked by the stylised art, culture, and freedom of imagination. Over the years that followed, my Anime and Manga collection grew to well over One Hundred hours of Anime on VHS and a even Dozen long boxes of Manga. Unfortunate events in my life have also removed all of it from me with the exception of the great memories of friends, shows, and books. Nearly a decade has past and even at the worst of times I can look back and see those friends, recall those feelings, and smile.

To those friends who have moved on with their own lives, I must say thank you. It was because of you and your desire to share your passion for Anime that I stept out of the box and dared to become the person that I am today.

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