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Name: Larisa

Location: Romania/Arges/Pitesti

Hobbies: anime, manga, music, eating, sleeping, reading, doing nothing

Favourite anime: see Top 5

Favourite manga: Akuma de Sourou, Othello, Monster,Lovely Complex, Claymore

Favourite books: Lord of the Rings ~ J.R.R Tolkien, The Count of Monte Cristo ~ Alexandre Dumas, Les Miserables ~ Victor Hugo, Crime and Punishment ~ Fyodor Dostoevsky, The last night of Love, the first night of war ~ Camil Petrescu

Favourite games: Lineage 2, Medieval II: Total War, Sid Meier's Civilization IV

Loves: candies, pretzels, animals, masks, to travel, to laze, to give orders

Hates: umbrellas, being told what to do, lies, to lose

Would like to meet: nerds, open-minded/ambitious people

Random things about me: you don't wanna know

Thanks for passing by! ^__^

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kenshina says...

I see that many appreciate your avatar.  And I am with them!

o_o such a nice clean simple avatar!  Charming. >_< 

May 30, 2008
VivisQueen says...

Ooooh! I like your avatar a lot! You should defintiely fill out your AP signature with a cool image like that.

May 24, 2008
werelyan says...

Interesting top 5 and very good rating for watched anime.

Feb 1, 2008
tetra says...

Ah, I did not see it in your anime list, thats why.

I could not watch Gankutsuou at all since the pattern-thing made me motionsick.

Sep 7, 2007
tetra says...

Wow, those are some heavy books! Every time I try to read Dostojevski I forget who is who. All the characters have so many names and pet-names that its impossible to remember them all. 

But I have seen his books remade into theatre, and they are generally really good!

Anyhow, the books. Did you know that 'the Count of Monte Christo' is the base for the anime Gankutsuou? You might want to check it out.

Sep 6, 2007