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trottolina says...

Thanks for your comment on my review Argel!  It was the first time I've written a review, so I really appreciated your positive feedback.  

Apr 12, 2014
Sheex says...

Indeed - though missed potential is largely what defines many anime lol. It's finding those that actually use and expand on their potential that makes viewing worthwhile. So many series want to dabble in bit of this and a bit of that, and ultimately they just end up not succeeding at what they want to do. What makes Starship Operators so interesting is that it set itself up to be a mature and serious show; people die, the battles take their human toll, and the story is somewhat dramatic. Its sense of aloofness due its lack of focus, though, just didn't make it work.

What many people don't realize is that the execution of a story is often equally as important as the story itself. You can have a simple, plain story with phenomenal execution and it can still be top notch.

Also, it's funny how we've watched many of the same shows and generally have similar ratings, but some of my top series are your mediocre ones and vice versa. Go figure!

May 18, 2010
Sheex says...

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for reading my reviews. Your commentary on Starship Operators was excellent and definitely an interesting read. In terms of disagreeing that the story should have been character driven, I think we both touch on one of its major flaws - that is that it was wishy-washy in deciding where it wanted to dedicate its resources. In either case, the series fell somewhere in the no-mans-land between our expectations to some degree, and ultimately made it stumble rather often in really defining itself as an exemplary series.

As for the scientific accuracy, I've learned to completely disregard it in anime unless it's explicitly stressed. People getting science wrong is an everyday occurence in my life, so I take it with a grain of salt. Good point on the ship designs, though; to be honest, I wasn't paying too much attention to them because, for some reason, the copy I had was especially dark during the space scenes and made them hard to distinguish clearly. I'm surprised you didn't pick on my aerodynamic comment, though, like the previous reader; he was spot-on with that point. It's funny how the space-age aesthetic and the actual space-age technology are at odds (cube or sphere space exploration vessel, go)!

Lastly, good point on the ending song being by Kotoko - Chi ni Kaeru is still one of my favorites in terms of her slower songs. Mami Kawada's Radiance isn't a half-bad opening either, though I'm fairly long when it comes to liking I've music in general. 

May 18, 2010