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Hmmm.... well I dont exactly know wat i should write in my bio... lol. well lets see... the genres of anime/manga are:

so yeah as u can see i like alot of different genres... almost all of them I guess...

but if u have any suggestions on wat anime i should watch feel free to tell me cause I want to watch more!! lol

Random Quote:

"Who wants a cookie?" ¯\_(o.O)_/ ¯ lol

I blame CheeseTV for my illness...

For those of u playing the home game... if u dont know wat CheeseTV is... don't ask...

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Reaper91 says...

dunno rick's givin it too me 2day

Jun 4, 2008
Reaper91 says...

i hope ur head falls off from shakin it lol

Hav u eva watched tsubasa chronicles???

Jun 4, 2008
Reaper91 says...

P.s i'm neva gonna giv u up, neva gonna let u down lol


Jun 4, 2008
Reaper91 says...

I'v dun my work, i wanna do more of my website, iv'e got it here cum check it out wen da lesson is ova

Jun 4, 2008
Reaper91 says...

Hey wat r u doin????

Jun 4, 2008