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My name is Jesse, and I'm a 19-year old identical triplet from Seattle. My brothers and I are the founders of the NorthWest independent film company, Trico Films. I like to travel, watch anime, make movies, and listen to music. My brothers and I currently attend the University of Washington.

Anime has always been a passion for me, just like film. I take it very seriously, and usually enjoy it more than its Hollywood contemporaries. The reason why DBZ is my #1 favorite is because it all started there for me. Without watching DBZ as a kid, I probably would never have seen all the wonderful anime shows out now.

I love murder mystery (Higurashi), romance (Kanon 2006, Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal), psychological (LAIN, Evangelion), action/drama (My-HiME, Armitage), and slice-of-life (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

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sothis Oct 17, 2010

Just getting the word out to other Seattleites that I'm hosting an anime trivia night on behalf of Anime-Planet in the Greenwood area, on Nov 4 ^_^ will have some prizes for the winners including a 6 month crunchyroll membership for each person, and something special related to an upcoming feature launching in the next 2 weeks :D. Depending on turnout I might do other trivia nights at the venue with better prizes.

there's a post in the site announcements section of the forum here, but here's the facebook event:

hope to see you there ^^


sothis Jan 3, 2008

You are the second triplet I've run across in the last 4 days alone o_o crazy! Anyways, a delayed welcome to the site.