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Been an anime fan for a long while, but strictly anime.  I can't really get used to reading Manga, and computer games....well, we wont go there :D  Suffice to say that my collection grows in both games and anime alike, with a few new titles each month.

Problem is my queue keeps growing, and the number of anime watched doesn't really seem to change....a bad thing since I'm almost out of space *trips over a pile of anime next to his computer*

->Just a note: most of the anime in my "Want to Watch" section make up my they get watched, well, we all know what will happen to them :D

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gogoco123 Sep 14, 2010

SPAM! i dont know you but SPAM!

arc666 Apr 2, 2009

Yeah, the characters from anthing? They seem interesting.

MajinV Mar 17, 2009

do you live un Alaska? :o

MajinV Mar 17, 2009

hahah otaku´s life might be tough :P

it seems you liked Utawarerumono, I had the chance to translate this show for a fansub and and the end of the show it was confused, too odd IMO :S

MajinV Mar 12, 2009

great pick your number 1 ;)