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Fairy Tail

Apr 9, 2011





Fairy Tail, written by Hiro Mashima definitely something new and old yet with a unique touch to it. It's interesting and also entertaining due to it's comedic random statements and actions.



The story is about a girl named Lucy runnning away from home wanting to join a magic guild called fairy tail and she meets Natsu a dragon slayer who, afters some scenes will take her to fairy tail and let her join the guild. So the story at first doesn't seem very amusing but it will be as you progress through the episodes. An entertaining part of this that made me want to watch so much more was the funny moments that randomly occur aswell as the nice action scenes that take place. 1 thing that gives this a 9 is the balanced amount of episodes that it takes to finish an "Arc", unlike some, not all, action adventure animes, it took like 1 episode to beat a boss which seems quite boring for me, and example of this would be tears to tiara where all the 24 episode lead to fighting a boss which only took 1 episode to do; Another is that it's well planned out. The stories are connected and join up to one point while still having a darker plot which is revealed like 50 episodes later which have alot of things you want to find which made me want to watch more.



Well it's not the best quality and animation out there but it does suit it's time and gradually gets HD as years progress. The art work is similar to One piece since it looks quite original yet better. The animation of the magic was quite refreshing and entertaing to watch at first but they do seem to get boring when Characters repeat them over and over since it doesn't look quite as dramatic as naruto or bleach but hey, this is only from 74 of the full anime chapters which are about 100+ so I'm sure that they will introduce new magic spells that would probably make this a 9.





I won't go into much detail about sound since I don't really take much notice when watching anime but the sound was refreshing. The background music was appropriate for the Time setting that Fairy Tail is in. The  OP wasn't too bad yet I always skip it so I wouldn't really know.




The characters were also refreshing. There are quite alot of characters and there will be more to introduce. It gets a 9.5 because of it's wide varieties of personalities and magic users. Sure there have been animes with similar characters but Fairy Tail does it's best to keep them original and entertaining. Natsu was a great role for a protagonist since he's hot headed and if he were to become bad he probably wouldn't change his personality(from the Nirvanna Arc) and also his "Cat" which is kinda stupid and makes random jokes.



Well I do recommend you watch this anime if you want a good laugh and an adventure anime that would keep on going. There are bad things about this anime like how the writer didn't really take it completely out of the "Kids Section" and how you don't really see the development of the characters getting stronger like when Natsu battled this guy during the first episodes(sorry I can't remember alot of the names) and he had to resort on using Flames of emotions then He fights him again like 50 episodes later and he was complimented on how he's on "a whole new level" but I was like what?? He still uses the same attacks and he hasn't been through alot of training... But the series is still good and is worth the watch!


9/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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roriconfan May 4, 2012

This anime hardly feels as good as you make it be. The story does not exist, the battles are childish and nobody develops his personality. 

Kirarinki May 8, 2011

Great review! Your opinion is clear and helpful :3 I have seen all of Fairy Tale and am reading the manga, but I still wanted to read some reviews. Yours was the best!

LilMayar Apr 16, 2011

BRILLIANT review! Looks organized and wonderful.