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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai is kinda a mixed bag for some people. The first 4 episodes really dragged me in as with most people i presume but I have to admit that it got boring during the Shiori Shimoya conquest since the only thing that kept me watching at that point was the funny moments and of course, wanting to know how it will end. So why I give it a 9/10? well lets narrow it down!



The story was great for me, a high schooler that is totally focused on 2d dating sims has to capture loose souls that are around the city. Also if you'ved played a dating sim before you would see the connection that Keima uses to make girls fall in love with him and how you would do it in a dating sim game. Another thing that gets this part a 9 is the short yet satisfiying(sorry, I couldn't think of a word) time it takes for Keima to complete a Conquest like the Mio Ayoama conquest only took like 2 episodes but the story was good and the comedic humour that makes it deserve to have "comedy" as one of it's genres.



The animation was great but it wasn't the best I've seen. It almost gets a 9 since of the quality and the modern art styles but they seemed abit off? still, if you look at the pictures you can tell that it was pretty good. Also, even though this appears in most animes, the characters blend in with the background unlike other animes which ive seen, the characters don't really go with the backgrounds.



The sound wasn't too bad, the OP was quite catchy and the music sets the mood of anime.



The characters were great! their personalities really made this anime funny. Keima, a intellegent geek whose addicted to dating sims and Elsie whose clueless about the really world and pretty much a failure as a demon are a pretty weird combernations but thats what you get in a comdey-parody anime. It's also good that the conquest qirls have different personallities and different stories so you would expect something different everytime Keima does a conquest.





So overall this anime was great in my own opion.

I would of really loved this anime to get a 10 but that would be a little too much. Again the story does get a tiny bit boring which was quite a shame since I expected alot from the first few episodes yet the parodies and comedic and romantic moments were really good in this anime. Since the second season is coming out soon days it would really be worth the watch. So if you like dating sims, funny moments, getting girls to love the main character then I would recommend you watch this anime!

thanks for taking you time for reading this review i typed for like an hour(if anyone reads it..)

9/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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roriconfan May 4, 2012

There wasn't much of a story, it was just stand alone seduction arcs. And the characters don't develop either since they get amnesia in the end.

Arcanus07 Apr 19, 2011

Glad to know you like it :)

the second season is doing great so far!