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I joined Anime-Planet because I always found it difficult to find people with similar tastes who could recommend an anime that I would likely enjoy. Hopefully, there will be some people who share my preferences in anime and will find some of my recommendations and reviews helpful.

Here is some information about the kind of reviewer I am, as well as the kind of anime I am likely to enjoy or dislike.

As a rule, I do not review animes that I have yet to finish viewing in its entirety. I also wait a minimum of one month before writing a review, so as to let the anime fully settle in my mind. I consider myself rather strict with ratings, and I to penalize heavily for sloppiness and poor execution. In general, I am not a fan of Chibi-styled anime, nor do I watch horror anime. I have very little tolerance for fillers, and the general polish and finishing of an anime factors heavily into my reviews. I tend to prefer anime which requires thought and/or interpretation, though I am not averse to a simple hack-n-slash type of anime, as long as it is done properly.

As far as recommendations are concerned, I always try to recommend up or along the quality chain. You will never find me recommending an anime I think is worse than the one to which my recommendation is being referenced.

At present, 5 Centimeters per Second is my favourite anime, with a rating of 9.0. Any anime I rate above 5.0 I consider above average, and would probably be worth your time. The anime which comprise my top 5 list are not necessarily the ones I consider to be the best, but rather those which have provided me with the most enjoyment.

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Rhesian Oct 2, 2007

Great to see another Monster fan. It took me 4 months to watch all the episodes but it was so worth it. And as you can see from my avatar, Dr. Tenma is my favorite anime character.

I'm surprised with Kino's Journey (a masterpiece) and Someday's Dreamers (somewhat bland for me) that Haibane Renmei in your top 5. I don't think I've seen a more beautiful, poignent, spiritually and emotionally moving anime series.


tasanime Sep 30, 2007

Really glad Monster is your #1 anime, mine also! Just about to watch Someday's dreamers , thanks for a great review on it! Really look forward to it having read your review.

madcomic Sep 17, 2007

I just wanted to say... I like the way you write... Your latest review reads like a good story. Tumbs up

VivisQueen Sep 11, 2007

Nodame is one of my favourite anime at the moment, although I haven't had a chance to finish it at all. In fact, none of my 'watching' anime are going to be completed for a few weeks (an entire summer without my PC!). Heibane Renmei is one I have to go back to when I am in the mood for it. Quieter shows are not always my thing, but I've heard it's great, so encouragement to keep watching it is nice. Thanks for the comment!

Quickben Aug 8, 2007

really like that avatar of yours (ive got some kind of macabre love for any thing involving moons or graveyard^^) and before i freak you out entirly im just gonna ask where is it from?