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I joined Anime-Planet because I always found it difficult to find people with similar tastes who could recommend an anime that I would likely enjoy. Hopefully, there will be some people who share my preferences in anime and will find some of my recommendations and reviews helpful.

Here is some information about the kind of reviewer I am, as well as the kind of anime I am likely to enjoy or dislike.

As a rule, I do not review animes that I have yet to finish viewing in its entirety. I also wait a minimum of one month before writing a review, so as to let the anime fully settle in my mind. I consider myself rather strict with ratings, and I to penalize heavily for sloppiness and poor execution. In general, I am not a fan of Chibi-styled anime, nor do I watch horror anime. I have very little tolerance for fillers, and the general polish and finishing of an anime factors heavily into my reviews. I tend to prefer anime which requires thought and/or interpretation, though I am not averse to a simple hack-n-slash type of anime, as long as it is done properly.

As far as recommendations are concerned, I always try to recommend up or along the quality chain. You will never find me recommending an anime I think is worse than the one to which my recommendation is being referenced.

At present, 5 Centimeters per Second is my favourite anime, with a rating of 9.0. Any anime I rate above 5.0 I consider above average, and would probably be worth your time. The anime which comprise my top 5 list are not necessarily the ones I consider to be the best, but rather those which have provided me with the most enjoyment.

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tasanime Oct 3, 2007

Thanks, I'll let you know how it goes, then after that think i'll  take a stab at Nodame Cantable as a secret fan of Classical Music....

baley7 Oct 3, 2007

Yeah, I agree the attention to detail , in planetes,  was amazing.

Half Greek, half Italian, huh? :P Must be a huge family reunion! I know an Italian woman who's married to a Greek guy...that wedding was quite something...

lol :D I can imagine

My family is quite atypical in that sense thought. Nothing like My big fat greek wedding sort of thing, for sure!

LadyFox Oct 3, 2007

Hi. I was wondering how yopu go about writing reviews for animes? I've been trying to write one but I don't see where to do it...

baley7 Oct 3, 2007

I really enjoyed watching the last review (Planetes) :)

I can see why you didn't like the characters development, the fact is the many of the characters like the director (and other not so well developed protagonists) where invented only for the anime release but the never fit well in the story. Even the ending is different than the manga version, I am not sure why the author divided to change the ending this way ....  

Cheers ^_^ 

Flimmeren Oct 2, 2007

I think I'll join the silly fangirl/fanboy club and praise your great reviews - they are well written and insightfull as well as pointing out certain things I sometimes overlooked in the animes myself. And since it is also pretty noticeable that we seem to share much of the same taste in anime, I hereby deem you being my lifetime friend and associate in crime ... eh - I mean japanese produced quality cartoons.