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sothis Apr 27, 2008

Dear Arcanum, I still miss your reviews! XD

love sothis

chii Jan 20, 2008

Hello! ^_^"

I just wanted to say that your review for Juuni Kokki  (The Twelve Kingdoms) was amazing and exactly what I though about it too (minus the music part)

Great Review! 

wolfangel87 Dec 22, 2007

After reading your bio I would find it very interesting to see what rating you would give to Death Note.  It is a highly intellectual series although it deals heavily in violence.  Just a fast recommendation if you are interested!  :)

Hope you have a great holiday and a happy New Years!

VivisQueen Oct 9, 2007

Oh wow! Thank you! I enjoy reading your reviews too, actually. Going through yours and viva's helped me a lot when I first started. I appreciate the feedback. ^_^

baley7 Oct 9, 2007

Mostly Juventus, Milan and Inter but I don't like any of them. I hardly watch soccer at all.