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私の中国名は 尉迟卫德 (*^_^*)
囧. "Orz.
Нeсe Галю ціцкі, а воні трясутся, щож міні робиті, як жє ізїбнутся
Anyways gl with decrypting my personal info:
MD2:████ 24b6a2d1ef5fda0691647e686f50
MD4:d5b4ff83██████ a556f█████████50afee03
CRC 8, ccitt, 16, 32 :

CRYPT (form: $ MD5? $ SALT $ CRYPT):
(form: SALT[2] CRYPT[11]):

SHA1: 2fde3afa904c3710e897ba██████████3bc7f8

Don't forget to flush. -> The Standard for Watching Anime Online ^^. Over 850 anime, updated every day. Feel free to request missing animes in the chat :).

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FringeGal says...

Ello there dude( ̄ー ̄)

Jul 11, 2012
YamiVKD says...

XD thanks alot <3

Oct 8, 2009
WhitlockRomanov says...

Thank you so much!

I'm really new to the Anime/Manga realm...

I appreciate your encouragement!

Oct 5, 2009
slayer545sama says...

I cannot post because it always makes me log in again. After I try to log in why can't I not? I put everything I am supposed to! D:

Oct 5, 2009
darkenedsoul says...

Thank you!!

Oct 4, 2009