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Russian-born Canadian who's gradually evolved into a self-aware fanboy. Now a moderator of the Characters and People sections of Anime-Planet, as well as the Anime and Manga Tac Committee. It requires serious mental effort for me to not rate everything at 4's and 5's, but I seem to be holding out so far.

I'm a nerd of various flavours, including books and music. And anime, oddly enough. Started out by watching stuff on AdultSwim way back when. Then I learned there was more to life than bad dubs (which I never watch anymore, really). I have some Japanese learning software that I just recently started actually using.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm generally fairly open about most things, and try to be nice when I feel I can :3


"What did this bring to my day?" / "What did this bring to my life?"

0.5: Speak of this again and there will be nought but pain. Either I couldn't find anything of worth in this production, or it was outright offensive to me in some fashion.

1.0: It didn't make me want to erase the previous 20 minutes from my mind. Let's not discuss it further than that if we don't need to.

1.5: Too many things went wrong to salvage the worthwhile pieces. "Would I recommend this?" I can't imagine doing so.

2.0: Lots of things went wrong, or there was a smaller number of critical flaws. "Would I recommend this?" Only under very specific circumstances.

2.5: It has problems, sure, but it still made me smile, or think. Below average. "Would I recommend this?" If it came up in context.

3.0: It made me smile, or think. It had problems, but it made me smile AND think. Above average. "Would I recommend this?" If it crossed my mind. "Could I have written this better?" Probably.

3.5: Good all-round experience, or strong enough in its core factors that it overcomes its flaws. "Would I recommend this?" Almost certainly. "Could I have written this better?" Maybe.

4.0: Excellent work all round. Maybe a little rough around the edges, or gets mired in its concepts by the end, but still innovative/dramatic/enjoyable. "Would I recommend this?" To anyone who will listen. "Could I have written this better?" Probably not.

4.5: One of the best experiences I've had with anime. Did the very best it could with what it had.

5.0: One of my all-time favourites. Accomplished something truly special in my eyes; some sort of filmographic alchemy may have been at work.

(」・ワ・)」           (つ・ワ・)つ           (」・ワ・)」

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PinkyIvan says...

I just saw that you added Mirai Nikki TV to your WTW. A word of advice, you really don't want to waste your time, unless you are some kind of yandere fan.

May 7, 2013
AirCommodore says...

Your anime rating graph is the most beautiful bell curve I've ever seen O_O

May 6, 2013
GodzillaGus says...

thx for the feedback on my review for Cowboy Bebop. it was done for the Secret Santa. btw, did you ever get the badge for the Secret Santa? i'm still waiting for mine.

Apr 18, 2013
Kari5 says...

I....can't stand twincest ._. Being a twin myself, the thought scares me. Luckily there wasn't many chapters *shivers* (was reading it just to pass through some old submissions) 

Apr 13, 2013
Naga says...

If that Shoujo has anything to do with mr. brother, I'd rather not. However, if it's yuri... then I might even put it a bit higher on my list... which doesn't mean much, tbh. 

Mar 27, 2013