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PinkyIvan Dec 8, 2012

That was a sarcastic having fun :)

But when you record it and upload it to YT be shure to link it to me, I'd be interested in what you wrote/played. 2000 bucks PC? Oh man that sucks.

PinkyIvan Dec 7, 2012

It certanly sounds you are having fun :)

You write/play songs? I didn't know that.

PinkyIvan Dec 7, 2012

Hey man, where have you been these days? I havent seen you in quite some time...

LizardLaw974 Nov 27, 2012

Oh really? haha! xD

That's good to hear! Oh good, congrats! :)

Oh nice! :D Good luck with it! 

Things have been alright. Been stressed with lots of work and everything. Excited for the Christmas season, though.

No specific genre or season at the moment, right now I'm trying to finish Steins;Gate since I am really far behind in it Dx Other than that, watching Fushigi Yuugi, Paranoia Agent, Sailor Moon, FMA, NGE, and been working on the Secret Santa thing. I know, right? So much fun!

LizardLaw974 Nov 27, 2012

Hey there!

How are ya? :P