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PinkyIvan says...

It certanly sounds you are having fun :)

You write/play songs? I didn't know that.

Dec 7, 2012
PinkyIvan says...

Hey man, where have you been these days? I havent seen you in quite some time...

Dec 7, 2012
LizardLaw974 says...

Oh really? haha! xD

That's good to hear! Oh good, congrats! :)

Oh nice! :D Good luck with it! 

Things have been alright. Been stressed with lots of work and everything. Excited for the Christmas season, though.

No specific genre or season at the moment, right now I'm trying to finish Steins;Gate since I am really far behind in it Dx Other than that, watching Fushigi Yuugi, Paranoia Agent, Sailor Moon, FMA, NGE, and been working on the Secret Santa thing. I know, right? So much fun!

Nov 27, 2012
LizardLaw974 says...

Hey there!

How are ya? :P

Nov 27, 2012
RingoStarr1991 says...

For my DAW (digital work station) I use Cubase but really any program will do the job well enough as long as you take the time to learn the ins and outs. This is the software that will handle all the recording and mixing of your projects. The major ones are Pro Tools and Logic but really anything will work. The other software I use is a program called Reason for virtual instruments such as orchestral stuff and synths. For my guitar stuff I use a Line 6 UX 2 audio interface as the means of getting the signal from my guitar into the computer. It’s a fairly inexpensive piece of hardware that can also take in mic inputs if you wanted to record vocals. I do not use amps for my guitars; I instead use Line 6's POD farm amp modeling software and it does the job decently enough and is great if you have to record in a quiet environment (if you are going to be using guitars at all). Other than that the only other thing I can think of that you really need in order to get quality recording done is a decent set of studio monitors (speakers). M-audio makes some good budget ones and if you are going to be recording in a small room you don’t really have to go out and buy huge wattage ones. Also if you are going to be using virtual instruments you might want to buy a MIDI keyboard. It makes mapping out and playing the virtual instruments much easier than using the virtual piano roll in your DAW.

Nov 18, 2012