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chii says...

a fair mistake i suppose! XD

Jan 31, 2013
chii says...

you should check my list before saying i should watch something and might like it as you would have seen that i already did watch it and didn't overly enjoy it :P

tamako market sure is great though. i didn't expect to enjoy it as much as i am. i only wish that the character designs didn't look like all the rest of kyoani's crap :(

Jan 31, 2013
Zaig says...

Alternate Identities/Personalities have always been a pain for dealing with. Sword Art Online, Accel World, and the .hack franchise are all in the same boat (which I‘ve handled for the most part), but I’ve never seen a good reason to add the alternate characters since they’re the same person without any change in personality (the online characters are sort of akin to being costumes they wear in battle), plus everyone who watches/reads knows who they are. For these reasons, I add the character based on his/her/its main appearance, and list their online persona as a nickname. I don’t have any plans to add the online personas of the SAO, Accel World, or .hack characters, no. Hopefully that answers your question.

Dec 30, 2012
Madoka says...

Arigatou! Just was checking out the page for the series and it actually looks like it would be something really good, deffinetly something i would enjoy to say the least :) Thankyou.

Dec 28, 2012
Madoka says...

Oh it was a scene D: even better, i thought it might of been a fan made thing or something :3 may i ask what's it from? :)

And yeah just when i saw it on the forum a lot i couldn't help staring... in the end i thought i had to let you know how great it is xD

Dec 26, 2012