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Naga says...

Yo dawg Sasami was not my cup of tea. I can’t really appreciate a show that’s aimless comedy and waifu porn when I don’t find it funny and I didn’t like its assets, if you get what I mean. If I don’t like that, there’s about no reason whatsoever for me to follow it. If I muster some strength to watch it till the end, I might even rate it properly. As it is now; 2 episodes of something I didn’t like in any way… no way I’m rating it higher. Besides, it’s fucking Shaft. Everything they made is comedy/waifu pron. I got sick of it already. Actually, it’s not like they ever tired to involve some sort of coherent plot… oh wait, Madoka. My bad.

 Life? Pfff. Pretty shit I must say. I’m studying for my life deciding exams while getting distracted at every corner of the internet. You know, fan fic, A-P, Reddit… stuff. Every time I open a book a notification pops up and fucks me over. I’m coping with it of course, but man; I’d kill for a bit more focused brain. At least I got psychology covered, so I’m good atm. Well, they all start in May, so I’m probably overreacting, but still…

 So, watched anything good lately? :3

Mar 25, 2013
LizardLaw974 says...

:) its nice to hear from you as well! Awww, I've been missing yours as well :P I am on there a lot though so maybe I'll catch ya! xD What's new? 

Mar 24, 2013
Naga says...

Hows it going? Been well? 

Mar 19, 2013
LizardLaw974 says...

Hey there! Hows it going? :D

Mar 13, 2013
AnarchicQ says...

Oh my, what is that pocky gif from? I need to watch that.

Feb 28, 2013